Thursday, October 22, 2009

Missing Mom - week 6 of 52

This is the book I'm reading for my Sunday School class. I don't know if I feel better or worse after this week's reading. I really need to re-evaluate some things and why I'm doing them. Of course, if I'm reading a lot, there are quite a few things that I'm NOT doing!

AND>>>>>> Crossed off another book on my reading challenge. Pick up 92 Pacific Boulevard for my next one, but I have to read The Traveler's Gift before Nov 7th. I did get my Mary/Martha chapter done this week already, as you can tell..I read a lot in my jammies...It should be a REAL GOOD discussion week. Stop in and join us or go with our guys and do Tony Dungy or Ron Hutchcraft.. no lack of good material..... :o)
PS Thanks for writing Darlene. I miss you and your kids. If you haven't yet, post a picture real soon!!


Sue said...

I've read quite a few of those Macomber books. She always comes up with a good plot.

I've heard of the Mary and Martha book, too. Are you enjoying it? Is it something you would recommend??


Ripley Library said...

Looks like your doing great on your book list. After all the help you gave me on my new blog, you can stay in your jammies all weekend if you like!

Thanks for all your help.


Anonymous said...

I do not read anything that I am not learning tangable life skills from.....I do not have the ability to SIT. LOL. So I think its great that you can take time and sit down to read. I get into self dependance and organic gardening books. I feel like I am learning its ok to take a few minutes out of the day. I wish I could unwind and read a story or something. But I just dont have the "unwind button" in me.

As a reading momma, you are also setting a great example for the kids! They tell us from the start...."let you kids SEE you read". Good job!

Have a great day....unwind a bit for me too!