Sunday, October 25, 2009

Missing Mom #7 of 52

Here I am not missing again and it's only the beginning of the week!! I am peeling and cutting up some LOCAL apples I picked up from some old guys on my way home from work on Friday. I had stopped there in the past, but not for a couple of years... It is self serve, but they were right there doing some stuff and they have a wagon that was outside and it was raining, so they said to take some out of the stack that was right inside the door and I wouldn't get wet. They also had some good-looking squash that I want to bring home next week maybe. WOW!! It's amazing how much junk you can see in your kitchen when you take a picture of it!!

I went to my other new friend and bought a basket of Concord grapes and went to my mom's on Saturday and canned grapejuice and made some wheat bread.


Sue said...

We've had reaaaally good grapes here this year. Huge, sweet ones.



Anonymous said...

I can relate to the junk in the kitchen thing. I always look at my pics and think "I know I cleaned this place! Why does there seem to be so much junk in there".

I love the fact that you say you picked up some apples from some old guys!lol. Wicked random. ;)

Anonymous said...

Really missing you sis, wish I could help you and your mom with some of this canning. Love you

XUE said...

I think junk in our home breed overnight!