Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pssst....over here....sshhhhh..

Yeah, it's me... I'm at my house. Not going to Ripley today. I need to start a little on the cleaning for the weekend, but my summer project was to get Kodak Easyshare organized and start printing Andrea picture for her senior scrapbook... well, S&S is next weekend, so I don't know if they will even be here, but I decided to spend the morning organizing and deleting and perhaps even uploading to print some of the pictures. It is an ongoing problem of my getting kicked out of the program, but as I go back into it again, I have 12,371 pictures. Hoping to organize, upload and order and also store on external drive these and free up the computer space and just get some of it done. Part of the way into my first hour, I decided I should make a Bert album and a Dan album and then I wouldn't have to dig back through and sort again. Oh, I am thinking here. Oh, but I want a mom section and then there is Alex, who I printed and did an album for and all of his don't need to still be in the main part and really, why don't I delete junk when I load it from the camera or even before ?? Great don't tell that I'm here...hoping to make a dent.


Anonymous said...

Good Luck - Maddy organized me, but now I have to think what I will actually work on and where all the matching stickers etc are!! Can't wait!!

Anonymous said...

Grrrrr....I love taking and having all my pics. But I sure do not like organizing them! I wish you luck my friend!!!! Hear from ya in a few weeks!LOL

Sue said...

I have the same problem...lots of disorganized pictures...both on and off the computer. My DIL tells me that hers are already organized into files. I wish I'd done that at the outset!

Another thing I have trouble doing is deleting the pics of my digital camera once I've put them on my computer. What's that about?!

I think I was simply not meant to be a photographer.