Saturday, September 19, 2009

Small Victory....

My morning view across the road...cow corn waiting to be chopped..trees just starting to turn..sunshine peaking out.. hey, Life is Good!

Yes, it's true I have a small victory... on Thursday I deleted 400 pictures, and got a lot of sorting done. I have a long way to go, but like an elephant, you eat it one bite at a time.... then since we were slow at work yesterday and my computer is slower still, I decided to clean the Picaso file out. I sorted, uploaded and removed a bunch of pictures on my work computer. I have also been cleaning out my music there. When I put in a CD to play, it often starts to burn it to my hard drive, so I have some stuff to clean up. I am then going into disc cleanup and also into the other files and see what I can get rid of that could be slowing me down. There is an extra toolbar on there that I didn't load, but I wonder what those things do to my speed. I can't remember how old this machine is. They bought it one time when I was at the Daytona 500 and my old one fried in my absence. It's nice to be missed! I've backed this one up since there is a fear that it might just be getting ready to die. Perhaps I should be a little more thorough on the backup stuff, but I'm thinking if I can get stuff cleaned out of it, it may just run like a top...I'm not sure what that means...perhaps just spinning smoothly. I'd take that!
Table of 8 here tonight...gotta pick up some last minute food while I'm out watching Andrea at her volleyball tournament. Bert is going to help Uncle D with his wood splitter and stacking - I'll take him over a little later this morning, and before that, I need to get all my clean ducks in a row at this house. I want it to be ready for company pretty much when I come back. They'll be here at 6:30 or before...can't wait...We've all read Dinner With A Perfect Stranger, or re-read it for discussin'...hoping this goes well.
Scott's foursome did well yesterday at the Mercyhurst McKeever Scholarship Golf Tourney. I got a new windshirt out of the deal! That's good for now...of course when Andy has a chance, it's gone... Oh, well... She'll probably be picking our nursing home, so....
And as time passes, I still have to remind myself that there are no more Neva letters coming in the mail. It is all just fading...but unlike emails, these notes that I keep finding tucked here and there, will be a permanent reminder of a special friendship that I enjoyed... Guess it's time for another penpal...
Have A Beautiful Saturday today!!


Rachel B. said...

I love getting mail. Even if it's a bank statment, I don't care! I use to have a few penpals, one from Germany, and I had two from Colorado. I miss writing to them. :(

Sue said...

That's great that you've already gotten rid of so many pictures. I need to do that myself, but I keep putting it off.

Soon! (You have inspired me.)


The Unusually Unusual Farmchick said...

Hi Karen sue. To comment back on the pear butter, here is how I do it.I use my big 1 gallon stockpot, so the measurement are more for that size.It is an all day thing for me and a water bath canner is used for canning- not a pressure cooker canner.
1 peck pears (is around 14-16 pounds)
1 1/2 tspn cardamom
1 tspn ground ginger
1 tspn ground cinnamon
1/4 cup water
Put the water in the stock pot then add your cut up/cored pear pieces. Let cook on medium high, stirring every 10-15 minutes. You may need to reduce your heat to medium if it cooks too fast and is "popping bubbles". Once you get the pears to an applesauce consistancey, stir every 5 minutes untill all chunks are gone.Get your water bath canner set up and boiling the jars. Now add your spices to the pears. Stir well and every 5 minutes for the next 20-30 minutes. (Now add your jar lids to the boiling water.)This will help get the spices combined well and "spread" their flavor into the pear butter.
Scoop into sterilized jars (from the boiling water in canner). Leave 1/4 inch head space from jar top. Get lids from the boiling water in canner- be sure to dry the rings so no rust will occur between. Now can those babies and dont forget the labels! They look like applesauce, taste kinda like applesauce and will forever make you remeber the first taste of spiced pear butter each time you see them lined up in the pantry.
My daughter eats this up like applesauce in her lunches. Everyone who recieves this in a jar LOVES it.
I hope you too will enjoy your first and future tastings of Pear butter. Sweet Dreams~