Monday, August 3, 2009

no, I didn't pose this picture....

When you are closer to 15 than 14 and you're over 6' tall and you weigh over 200, it's nice to know the quilt your mama made you when you were a baby is still an important part of a good night's sleep. This little blanket I made for Dan when he was a baby. It was a navy and a tan viney print. He always called it his 'weed blanket, 'cuz flowers are for girls!' And when I'd tuck him in I'd ask where he got this blanket and he would say 'my mom made it for me' and I'd ask why and he'd say 'because she loves me'. The binding is mostly warn away, you can't even see the viney print, there are thin spots and holes all about it, too many to repair, he couldn't curl up small enough for it to cover him, but it's his forever, and he knows it's because I love him!

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