Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Flying Tuesday...

Well, Tuesday is just FLYIN' BY!! Started out thinkin' I'd take a walk and then wasted too much time and decided to go anyway and wished I'd gone earlier so I could do the whole lake, since I didn't have to be at the dentist 'til 10 with Dan... so Ernie and I took off.. and we kept going around the whole lake..I made it in aound than 1 1/2 hours, which was pretty good for us. He isn't usually good for the whole lake, but he was begging, so I took him. Then home for breakfast and the boys are already up- which is good because the apts today are theirs and not mine. I tried to do one to many more things and I'm jumping in the shower when I should be jumping in the car and I have asked Dan at least 3 times if he ate breakfast and brushed his teeth- after all, he's the one going to the dentist...and he is just lounging watching TV...I'm In the shower all soapy and the phone rings, so I take the call and give the info, but I should have taken the minute to rinse off first, because I have to jump back in the shower to get the shampoe out of my hair and then the boys are already waiting in the car and yelling on the way out the door. Driving down the road, knowing we are cutting it too close, I sniff and say to Dan - YOU DID BRUSH YOUR TEETH, RIGHT?? You know the answer...just drop me off at Dad's house and I'll brush my teeth there and then you can drop Bert at the Dr office and come back to get me... YOUR APT IS FIRST AND YOU ARE ALREADY GOING TO BE LATE!! AARGH!! I love him, but the whole teeth brushing thing is very aggravating!! I really think it is just something he does to yank my chain and guess what?? IT WORKS!! So he got his braces checked while Bert got a physical so he can get the shot that he needs before 6th grade and then we will shoot back over to pick up Dan... well, we take 1 hour at the Dr office and Bert comes out with 3 shots and I have a paper to get my vacation arm x-ray. It still has some pretty nasty bumps on the bone and it has been 3 weeks now... I finally get to work in time for lunch..and the problem with that?!?!? oh, wait, it must be that I don't get paid if I don't show up!! Of COURSE!! So I'm finishing here, then heading over to the old hospital to see if I'm OK, then Bert's got a golf date and I have to finish up Beth Moore for tomorrow morning's BS at 6a.m. Yeah, Life is Good!! Yeah mom, I know I'm embarrassing Dan, but he doesn't read this anyway and it's gross!

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