Monday, July 13, 2009

Cape Cod...ahhh the life!

Here we are..Day 3 at Cape Cod and day 4 of our trip.
The first day involved leaving home early in the morning to make an 11am meeting at RIT with a coach. Andy is still deciding if she wants to play ball in college, but if she does, this is an opportunity for her and I liked the coach. She is young enthusiastic, and tells you what she thinks. If you play a year and decide the education is suffering and you need to let basketball go, she understands that. We talked to 2 coaches before Alex went to college. One was a similar personality... I'd have played basketball for him... but the second coach said if he was in a program where he needed to transfer to main campus after 2 years, he wouldn't even bother with putting him on the team. That guy in a take it or leave it situation, leave him. The coach Friday said... hey, you're not going to the WNBA from here... you're here for an education. I appreciated it. So, then we went on to the University of Rochester. Took the campus info session and then a tour with a student from Wisconsin. I don't totally understand their curriculum, but it seems to be new and exciting and Andrea was excited with that too. Both campuses said that the majority of their classes are under 30 students. I liked that ratio. Both campuses are nice. We have a Houghton College tour in August and we are headed to Penn State Behrend and Mercyhurst both still this summer, I hope. Then we can add some SUNY ones in there after school starts..don't know that we'll get any of those in this summer, but who knows. Then we headed into Schenectady for the evening. A little swim in the pool and some pizza and wings and we were good. Dan is winning the battle of the good book, since he is halfway through his second one... but he didn't really like the other one he brought, so other than waiting for the one Scott is reading right now, he'll have to find a new one tomorrow in Boston, or somewhere today. The bigger house we used to stay in had a bookshelf of paperback fiction and you would just swap yours or leave it for the next people. The bookshelves here are not so good. Some old textbooks, old cookbooks and a little dry fiction. I finished the new Debbie Macomber that I picked up at the library before we left. It was good, but hers go fast. Scott finished the one Dan is reading now..Bert brought only one reading book that he had started and finished it already and he has a factoid book about stars. Andy is more than half through hers, but the ipod has been her distraction, but I think she still has 2 books in backup. We arrived here on Saturday and the weather was fine. unpacked the car and headed out to the beach for a couple of hours. Back to the house, the kids stayed here and we went to the grocery store with our big list. Back here to fix some spaghetti and then lounge. In the night there was some pretty serious rainstorms..thunder, lightning, the works...but the kids were tired enough that they slept right through it all. In the morning things were very wet and it was overcast. We got up and got ready and headed out for our little Baptist church called Forestdale. We missed a turn and figured we'd be late for a 10 service. But did I mention we really didn't know what time the service was?? so we pulled in after 10:15, but the sign out front said 9something and 11:00, so we just sat in the car until about 10:50, only to discover that the second service really started at 10:15..OOPs!! we did get there for the last song or two and then the service. It was very nice. We have heard this guy before and I really liked him. I'd like a copy of his Sunday Service. Then when we left, we stopped at the store for the forgotten dish soap, then back for a quick lunch and out to the beach. By then the skies had really cleared up and it was beautiful. The day was great. Not too much sunburn yet, and all is well. Last night we played our customary games of Sequence. Bert watched a few, then I let him in my place... and they still beat the other team. Tuesday is our Boston day and then depending on the weather, Wednesday may be our whalewatch day. We will bop out to Cuffy's for a part of one day and probably some of the local shops, and WOW the week will be gone! So far so good. I'd send you pictures, but I don't have the cord to took my camera into this, so you'll just have to wait. Until next time.... love from Cape Cod!


Hen Jen said...

Cape cod, oh I'm jealous! Never been there!

have a great vacation!!

Be Still and KNOW... said...

So, I don't see Meredith or Elon in your list of campus visits... there are some GREAT teams down here too ya know ;-)