Monday, June 15, 2009

I can trust you to keep a secret, right???

Tyler's quilt is off the frame and just needs the binding hand sewn on!! HURRAY!! This was completely re-vamped last Thursday when I decided I hadn't sewn the blocks together because I didn't like it well enough to do it. I have some other paperwork to do, so I'm saving this sewing for tomorrow. I took the quilt frame down because I'm done with it for a long while!! The other 2 are completed and bagged and need a little tissue tucked in and they are ready for delivery. These pictures are especially for you, Sue Henry. It was so nice to get your email and know that you check in on me here from time to time. And your voice on the phone was music to my ears!! It is too bad that we only S&S twice a year, but I guess that makes it more special and easier to guard that getting-together time. I am getting a little tired, so I'd better finish this post and tuck myself in. Good Night!!

Tyler LOVES Notre Dame and he will be attending Holy Cross next fall, which is right in the neighborhood!!