Wednesday, June 17, 2009


yep...4 graduation quilts are delivered and acknowledged...3 to go Sunday, the others next week. Still thinking on the 2 pillows, but I can think about them tomorrow 'cuz tonight I'm celebrating being done, done, done!! WOOHOO!! Sorry, I'm just one of those creatively late people because I always think I can do one more thing ...and I really can't... and if I do 2 pillows, I have practiced enough not to sweat them... they'll get done, too!
I still have that wrench that needs a name put on it and then.... oh, I think of some more. Andrea got proofs for senior pictures for next year already and I KNOW I'm not ready for that. The senior year flys by so fast.

Oh, yeah...and that crystal pit-no-stinker?? my sister who sent it to me, asked me today when the last time was I shaved my legs...she's starting to get worried I'm going too natural...I did them this morning...they're probably way smoother than hers, so hahaha!! :o)


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Farm Chick Paula said...

Goodness- you've been hard at work, girl! Take a break!
I'm sure the quilts were a big hit- you do such wonderful work!