Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Just a minute ago...

Such a good weekend for me.
It was not busy at work, so I took off Friday to make my long weekend extra long!! I have spent a good amount of time digging and pulling and otherwise getting my garden spot into gear. I shouldn't reveal that I WAY over planted tomatoes, but I couldn't make up my mind, so I planted 8 of Don's cherry tomato plants, then I added 4 Roma tomatoes, and there were 6 of the ones I started from seed that I managed NOT to kill and then there were some Early Girl and how did I end up with 26 plants in there?? In the same bed are the 20 onions and a couple of small rows of lettuce. I planted the 8 green pepper plants that I started from seed in my sandbox bed and they are waiting for company. The peas that I planted in a narrow strip are mostly growing along OK, and I spent ALOT of energy digging up the very hardy and lovely, but invasive knee-high ornamental grass to make room for my 4 cucumber plants. By the lower deck, I managed to fight against some other flowering plants with roots that don't quit and then I planted a double row of string beans. I am sitting here by the window today, wishing the rain would soak through and last all day. The dirt and grass are SO DRY! Yesterday afternoon, I starting attacking the gooseneck population and the spearmint that together have taken over one side of my house flower bed. The confession is that I have more than once found a snake sunning itself in the area, among the spearmint, so I left it alone and it has taken advantage of my fear of snakes to grow wild and wooly. Now, my plan is to retake the area and plant my 2 blueberry bushes there. I have pulled from above, but now I must dig up many roots and slow this stuff down. It is like one of those horror movies where the plants grow crazy and grab people... The low growing ornamental grass was headed out to the roadside between us and the neighbor house. I thought it would look great out there, especially since I am unable to kill it... be hubby stopped the second or third bucketfull and has decided to try to grow it along the back wall of our new addition. We have clumps of ornamental out front that grow 5-6 ft high that we'll dig up and split with an axe to put along the side with no windows. I feel good about doing the landscaping with our abundance and not buying more stuff for the animals to snack on all winter. I think that looking at the state of the shrubs after last winter has helped to make a case for my ornamental grass.
And then there was the hour or 2 spent in the scrubby stuff, working on a project that has been ongoing for a couple of years or more. I think a brush hog rental and a fire or 2 and we should be clean enough to plant the fruit trees that I want to in that little patch.
AND... I got some more sewing done and a bit of shopping for batting, so I have 2 tops done, ready to sandwich and tie and bind, one I have the backing material, the other I still need to get..A third quilt-the set of blocks cut and ready to lay out and start sewing, and I have the backing for that...and the material for the other is bought and in the bag, for cutting and applique. The one with just-cut blocks is the one that needs finished first.. it must go to VA to arrive before the Father's Day graduation party. The one not yet started, is also a Father's Day graduation party, but in Erie by personal delivery. The other 2 are for June 26th graduations, but I like to deliver them a little early because they both will come with fabric pens for friends to sign the borders if they want. We did that with Anna's and everyone liked it. I'm not sure how it stands up to the washing, but that's OK,too. SO I must get hopping since they really are all due close enough to the same time... if I don't answer the door, I'm either checking the garden or down in my creative spot....drop in sometime!!

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Lisa Loo said...

Goodness woman!! I'm tired just reading about it! Sounds beautiful tho. The snake thing--not so much. I'd sooner let the plants take over the neighborhood rather than run into a snake!