Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Meanwhile, after MAYDAY...

NOW WHERE DID THAT PICTURE GO?? There they are !! Aren't the stepsisters WILD??!!

After Mayday, I had collected my loaner Bible Study for this summer - BETH MOORE'S ESTHER -IT"S TOUGH BEING A WOMEN. I am psyched!! IF you have never done a Beth Moore study, you should know THEY ROCK!! They are alot of work, but oh, so worth it. It is just going to be a group of 4 of us up at 6am...with coffee and cocoa! I stopped in to old CORDIA CHEVROLET to check on the Equinox status. The engine light has been on mostly since August 24..I know, I know, it goes against EVERYTHING I've been taught to drive it that way, but after several attempts to make it go out, they said it is OK to drive it that way and we will take it apart when we have time. Well, it has been there all week, they've tried a little of this, and alot of that and didn't really find anything wrong to fix, so they are putting it back together and then pushing the button to see what it says... do you think I could get a BAILOUT on this with a BRAND NEW CAR???
So I am cruisin' home in my 1984 Cutlass, T-tops out, feeling mighty wild and thinking about when I am going to the play, Cinderell that the Community Theatre group is doing. I decide the best choice is tonight,(FRIDAY NITE) and then I think about sitting by myself and who will go with me and Andrea is going SAT again and Dan went once, but doesn't want to go again and Bert has Little League and then NEVA pops into my mind. NEVA was the piano teacher in CLYMER. She lived on a farm with her hubby Norm, for years and years. I took a year of lessons from her when I was in college, and she was wonderful. She knew I just wanted to play for my own enjoyment, so we had fun every lesson. She was always kind. I have written to her since she and her husband moved into a retirement place..maybe a bit of assisted living in Youngsville, PA ...45 min or so away from the play. She doesn't drive, so she doesn't get to visit with old friends much. So I got home, called down there and had the lady at the desk go ask her if she wanted to go. I'd been down as quick as I could get there. I changed my clothes, took off, called the assist.director in training to ask if she could reserve us a couple of seats in the handicap section, stopped for a splash of gas and picked up my date. I parked away from the door, but when I started up the sidewalk, I could see her and her walker making tracks, so I hustled up to the door. Oh, I left out the part where we don't trust the Cutlass to go that far, and with my car in the garage, I took the Tahoe..yeah, 4WD. It was a hop, skip and jump to get little Neva up in there, but it wasn't a big problem, and then we were off. We got into town early enough to take advantage of the 50's Diner the Historical Society was having before the play. Lots of visiting there, and then over to the play and more visiting and a special thanks to Elaine for the front row seats!! We had an awesome time and so many people said how nice it was of me to bring Neva. Yes, it was - it was so nice for me to have someone to go with. And I don't have the corner on nice... feel free to be nice to someone and surprise them..wait, should I feel bad that everyone was surprised that I did something nice!?!? SO after the play, Cinderella wanted her picture taken with NEVA, everyone's favorite piano teacher,
NEVA HOGENBOOM and CINDERELLA...which one is which??

and then we were off to Youngville and bedtime... sleep tight, dear Neva...


Anonymous said...

You can add thoughtful to your qualities. Didn't you just love the play?

Lisa Loo said...

I loved this post and what a lovely evening you had! You ARE amazing--thats why I keep coming over to visit!
Sorry I have been MIA--real life has a stranglehold on me.
And I love that May Day tradition in your community---just lovely!