Thursday, January 15, 2009

Where's my lake???

The view this morning out the kitchen door is this... much snow... more snow than we thought, so that when we drove out, we realized that the blower may have been a good idea this a.m. Now I'm at work with the accountant ending the year.... yeh, he likes to pop off to me, but I'm used to being deaf, so I just turn that ear to him and keep on working the inventory report. He thinks I remember from year to year what he needs, but... :O) Ellicottville tonight may happen without me. We'll see. That trip alone is not lots of fun, especially in the snow. Andy said she was fine with me not going tonight. Frank called and my car will be ready to pick up tonight... the rental has to go back to Erie tomorrow between 8 and 6... I just have to orchestrate the timing on dropping that off, getting picked up by Scott when he is done after 5, getting to Dan's home game and Bert's pack meeting... and perhaps pick up some birdseed and a couple of other non-essentials while I'm bopping into Erie... never-ending, isn't it??? BUT!!!... I did manage to talk our way out of the meal plan at UB, after Alex was told twice it was too late to change, unless he was living off campus, then he could drop it altogether... we got it reduced to $495 dining dollars instead of the $1680 for 14 meals a week and lunch is not one of them... Ask these questions at your visits...
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Lisa Loo said...

Sorry you have temporaril misplaced your lake! You'll probaby find it when you are able to slow your life down a little and have a moment to look! You are busy! Hang in there!