Wednesday, January 14, 2009

cool, very cool

Yes, the thermo is getting a work out; up, down, up, down... now it's down and I used to have my sensor outside the kitchen window, and the dryer would warm it up a bit, but now it is remote over by the garage door... there is a lot of this right now... and that snowblow guy must love me to go out and freeze his face at 7a.m. to clean out the driveway. I left this morning intending to pick Mary up on the other way around our loop, but she wasn't there, so I kept walking and thought I'd do the small loop... but when I got to the turn, I wasn't all the way frozen, so I went the bigger loop. Because Scott was blowing, Ernie is uninterested in walking. He must herd the snow, after all!! Waiting for someone to come home and eat the delicious meal I have prepared and the cookies that Bert and I have been baking... where are the thrashers that we have cooked for??? hovering around 11... goin' get colder yet, I bet... The chicken casserole was yummy and there is lots left along with potatoes when hub gets home from town board meeting. I am not a good meal planner, so it is a treat to come home to that and a night with only practice and not games is a bonus sometimes...

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