Saturday, January 31, 2009

It just keeps coming and coming and coming....

If you are not here, you cannot envision the snow. Some guys around here plow driveways for winter income. They are very tired right now, but it is paying the bills... actually, it works out quite well -sometimes when you are so busy, you make extra money, but you have even more money,'cuz you don't have the time and energy to spend the regular stuff!! So hub got up before the birds this a.m. and blew out the driveway before he went to Erie. He has apts their until almost time for here. I have some processing to do over there, so I guess I'd better get at it. One of Andrea's games is re-scheduled for today, so I want to have as much done before I go as I can and I really haven't processed anything over there yet, so I have to get a routine going in my new digs!!
Later gator...
oh, yeah, this is post #101 !! Thanks for reading ... drop me a line... and Darlene - how's things?? is she here yet or holding out for sunshine and less snow. Can you even THINK about poor Punxsutawney Phil in this stuff... shadow?? he won't even be able to find the way out of his hole!! Keep hibernatin' Phil... It's not safe out here and I don't see a big change before Monday!!
2 returns processes, another copied, but with questions on the 2 business ones putting together, I'll wait for Scott. He had a 1:00 in Erie and has a 2:00 here, so I guess I'd better get ready to entertain the 2:00 in case he runs late. The weather today is good, so that will help.

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