Friday, January 30, 2009

Confession time...

OK, so my Aunt Mary did NOT take the picture of the deer, but in all seriousness, right now, is my backyard or hers, the deer would be this deep in the snow... and it is still snowing... can you believe THAT?? I didn't mean to mislead anyone... and if you don't live near me, I must tell you to go back to the posts after Christmas, when Albert got a new sled, but there wasn't any snow left to slide on. It had all melted away. Not an issue now. I must be careful when I go out of my driveway, because we can't see what is coming. So, if you are driving past my house, you may want to swing a little WIDE around my driveway. We were remembering the OLDE DAYS and the snow we had. The plows would go by and you could only tell by the reflection of the lights up in the air. I'm just going to go to the ballgame and then go home to curl up with a fire in the fireplace, my flannel couch blanket and my 1927 copy of HEIDI, that I think I may finish this weekend. I sent the deposit for summer vacation... the warm ray of sunshine in the future. KEEP WARM!! SNUGGLE UP!!!


Every home game of Girl's Basketball, one Varsity player is the Player of the game and her picture and a little paragraph she wrote appears on the back of the programs. Lat night was Andrea's night. I tried to scan it, but couldn't get it to go, so I'll just copy part of it...

"...This is my second year playing on varsity. I play volleyball in the fall and softball in the spring, but basketball is my favorite. I love hanging out and watching movies with my friends. We love rocking out in our imaginary garage. I also love blaring country music while driving down the road in a Lictus Keystone pick-up truck. Thank you for coming out and supporting us tonight. Enjoy the game!!"

Andrea is a hoot, because he is driving an old pickup, but it is having some trouble in the cold and some days she only goes 15MPH for a while... hoping to coast it a little faster!! She is scheduled for a tune up, but I write her excuses for being late to school on those sluggish day!!.. She takes it all in stride.

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Lisa Loo said...

I can't believe you toyed with my trust!! Oh the pain!!!! Just kidding--too funny--