Wednesday, January 28, 2009

1040 AWAY!!!

Here I am in the tax office and happy...yes, I know... that is sort of warped, but I do have the ability to make people happy here, or comfort them and teach them a little along the way. I have processing up to my capped tooth that is getting a root canal... yes, you heard it right. I originally went to the dentist with a tooth bothering my on both the bottom left and the bottom right. The ruling was that the molars are overfilled and need capped, so last Christmas I got 6 caps, what did you get for Christmas in 2007?? Do you even remember?? See what a great memory it made?? Anyway, I continued to have problems off and on with both of the teeth under two of the caps... not the point of up a night crying and taking whatever advil and tylenol I could squeeze into the time. So THIS year for Christmas, I got a root canal in#30... now I'm scheduling a root canal in #20. It is going down on March 10... so I guess TECHNICALLY, you could say it is an early birthday gift. Aren't I easy to buy for?!?! So now I can't find a line on a local form, so I guess that I need to look it up online... be back sometime... OK.. the problem at the beginning is just refreshing my memory on some stuff and some people and local forms and rates. So I do a lot of checking on these things... another new 'glitch' this year is asking people what their economic stimulus check amount you know?? you should... it asks... and it can make a difference... just ONE MORE THING!!! And really, is this another test?? I THINK so!!

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