Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday, Sunday...

Church Dinner... a tradition on SuperBowl Sunday, is a Soup Dinner after church. We made Seafood bisque and Taco soup... quite a combination, don't you know!! And then for a change Scott left before we were all picked up. I stayed until the end, but didn't do too much constructive. Someone found a cell phone in the parking lot, so we tried to give to away at church, but no one claimed it, so we got a charger to fit, got some juice, of course there is no signal at church...perhaps that is a GOD thing!! and I got Grandma's House phone number to come up, so I called her and said.."Is this someone's Grandma"... she was quite funny and it didn't take her too long to figure out whose phone it was, so she would try to get ahold of him or she would come out today and get the phone... Always feels good to make someone's day, doesn't it?? Now I need to get my dip ready for later, but I am doing some tidying. All week, and more weeks than I care to mention, things just get set down. Close enough to be out of the way, but not put away, just put down. I think it could be an all-day job. But it is Sunday, so I'm looking at it for my day of rest, but really, I'll be able to rest better if I can sit down and not see all of these piles. Bert is out in the snow... 14 degrees yesterday, 40 degrees today. Here we go again. I guess we are supposed to get a good dump of snow this week again, so this may just keep us from having snow blow around by making snow 'crust'!! LisaLoo- I'll try to take a picture of Bert next to the snow so you can see how deep!!

Yep, Bert is the height of an average 11yr old and the snow is this deep!! I am making little card holding things for our James challenge. Only, I didn't print the second page and thought 12 verses, no sweat... then I open my Bible, instead of the internet copy I was copying to space them out and SURPISE!! Where did all these verses come from!?!?! We will see how the first chapter goes...perhaps that will be the extent of our memory to start with... but I think the whole book will be awesome, so it will just be a matter of how long it takes us.

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