Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy Snow Dance

OK.... I am printing out loads of stuff and trying to get stuff to match and make lots of piles of really important numbers so I look important and on top of things when Scott gets here next week to close the year at RMT. BUT, while I am doing all this...it is snowing. And if it is snowing a bit in Ripley, I'll probably have to shovel it when I get home. Andrea will play Sherman tonight and it will be one of their hardest games this year. She had a couple of the 'bad guys' over last week and they weren't bad at all!! Funny how that is when you are in school and you have a rival school/team. You really put them in a 'bad box' - then when you get out in real life, you discover they are just people, and it is OK to like them. There is no war any longer with them and their school... and some of those people are pretty nice. While I flip through the things I am doing, my wallpaper on my computer here pops up from time to time and it is a picture of most of the girls from the last Scrap & Sew weekend in the fall... We look happy and still have some of our summer color, too!! I look forward to that weekend twice a year, and even though it is some work for me, it is SO worth it. Some day, we will just have to make it a week long escape!! That will be the day!! As it snows here, I'll look forward to March 20 and some time with the girls...

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