Saturday, January 3, 2009

you'll be glad to know...

I know after the New Year's picture, you'll be happy to know that I called Cindy Lou Who (she's no more than 2, after all) to get a hair cut. While she was very obliging, I had to call back and adjust the date, as I had forgotten that I will go to the tax office in Erie on Wednesday to cover for Scott while he is at a meeting. I am planning on starting with one of my goals there, of cleaning out some files of old return info...more than 7 years, shredder!!! I don't know if there are many, but every little bit counts!! SOOOO.... here's hoping Thursday's cut followed by ballgame, followed by bowling, goes smoothly. I was going through magazines again this week and wondering where all the cute short cuts are. I always think I want something different, but when I look at the magazines, long hair. Even those SHAPE magazines with the athletic women, long hair in a ponytail. I'm ready for a little variety. I told hubby I wanted a change, he said it WILL be a change, you haven't had it cut for 3 months, it will be different!! Gotta love the male prespective on hair.

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Lisa Loo said...

too funny!! It is so true about male perspective--at least my husband and yours anyways. I guess I would sooner that he didn't care a whole lot rather than care too much!
For that giveaway--I right clicked on the pictures and then chose "Save picture" and saved it somewhere I could find it quickly--then copied the test to a new post and added the pictures like I would regular pictures. Does that help? Its almost noon here--maybe I am too late--sorry!

Good luck on those files!