Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy Tax Season!!

Yep!! Today was my first day in Erie... Scott took along a sorting, adding project that I worked on and it was fun and the day really flew!! It is still early for many phone calls and And I got to see one of my favorite Erie clients. I had left her a message, but instead of calling, she stopped in and we had a nice chat. Scott set up a spreadsheet for her to use for her book work and she is SO EXCITED!! It is fun to help people make their lives a little easier!! Then it was time to go. I got Chan An for lunch, but forgot my leftovers that I was having tomorrow for lunch. SHUCKS!! Perhaps Scott will remember it Friday. Otherwise it is next time's garbage. I need to work at Ripley the next week and a half to get my year-end stuff around and make the numbers balance. In between, we'll be on lots of bleachers. Andrea won last night against Sherman and that was HUGE!!! Tonight I need to finish tying this couch cozy, so I can take the table down and get my space back. I'm waiting for Andrea to bring Dan home from practice and Bert home from Grandma's. ...

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