Friday, December 5, 2008

A Bit Yucky... I like December snow as much as the next guy, but today's is sort of Yucky. It was a good thing I was not surprised by anything , but my stopping time was pitiful and I wasn't going fast... seems to be a good layer of ice under the snow at home and either that, or slimy stuff out on the main drag...or shall I say slide!! It took me twice as long to get to work, but I did NOT hit any of the cars or the snow plow that I encountered...

Dan had a rough night Wed. nite with someone clipping him in the side of the knee and he was out for the rest of the game... hope this is not the preview for the season!! No games last night, but tonight we'll watch Andrea in Forestville... if the snow doesn't get us!!

And now I watch it snow...sometimes softly, sometimes fiercely, but always snowing, and I wonder how many feet we are getting at home, in the beloved "snow belt". I love that phrase. It SO sums up that we are often belted with snow, when others get dusted or light flurries. But I have firewood, so send the snow... we can take it!! Don't tell Scott I said that, as he has a slight allergy to any weather that keeps him off the golf course.

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