Friday, November 7, 2008

YES!! Friday, friday..

OOPSss... I hit return and then it asked if I wanted to view blog? But there really wasn't much to view yet, so here I am. Our football team is headed to Ralph Wilson Stadium (Rich Stadium for you oldies like me) Our team in 1979 was the first high school team to play a playoff game there and we won and it was awesome!!... I was a cheerleader, so I was sort of part of the team!! And that was the end of the road, there was no game after that. Since then, we have had teams that traveled there and won and went further. Jehu was part of the last winning streak at CCS. Unfortunately, we had already committed to a parenting thing in Jamestown tonight, so, since none of my kids are part of the team, we are following through with the Jtown Ron Hutchcraft program. Tomorrow they will do a youth program and we are going to that, too, with lots of kids. Trying to fill our bus and then some. I'm still having those connecting wireless problems at home, but Scott thinks some of it is the cable co. because he is hard wired and has had some problems himself. Thinking of Lisa Lou and glad to hear the check up went well, reading some other blogs and enjoying other perspectives on life. Thinking we should attempt to be more green, or at least lean to green. I'm sure the green people would not be overly thrilled with my last, very expensive, extensive grocery trip, assisted by a hungry 16yo daughter. We had the BIG CART and we could have used a side car...yes, it was that bad... and I'm thinking I'll probably have to build up my cloth bag supply to fit all of the groceries into them... but at least I'm thinking in that direction and that's a start. Thinking more about some garden next year that yields more than a few cherry tomatoes and about those strawberries that Diane and I talked about...hmmm...

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dar-momof5 said...

Go Pirates! I SSSSOOOO want to go, but John refuses to go to the game. He also will not keep the kids so I can go either. So, I would feel guilty getting a sitter and will just have to tune in on the radio from time to time. At any rate, go CCS!!! My heart and thoughts will be in Buffalo!

Have a fun time this weekend- sounds like you'll enjoy yourselves!

I am able to post pics now-it is my connection that was making it so difficult. It will kick me off from time to time for no apparent reason- dial up is no fun! No other option for a boondocks liver like me though, so must be grateful for what I have! :)