Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bear With Me

Robin sent me an email about an atheist and a bear and I really liked this picture,so I thought I'd share it with you... I'll just add my text to it.. perhaps I should put this as my picture on my profile. I sure feel like this more days since I passed the 40 candles point!! Had a mess in my payroll today...faxed it in then discovered that the clock did not FALL BEHIND until after everyone punched in on Monday...wish someone had told me that there was an adjustment to be made there!! Buz and I decided that as long as we got a check, we'd be fine.. :o) ... and then I have parts that someone was supposed to call me about early in the week and THURS is no longer early in the week... and I didn't remember until we checked the calendar last night that the orthodontist this morning was 8:40, instead of 8 (so we made the next 4 apts before we left, so we can have 8am)... don't forget the parent-teacher conference at 5:10 and the fact that Bert gets out at lunchtime and gets to go do yardwork for Grandma Mona today...that will make his day...oh, yeah and Andy and Dan both have practice and then we get to bowl in our once a month couples league and I'm sure my thumb still won't fit into my ball...wonder if it ever will, or if I am destined to have a fat thumb for the duration??

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