Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What a beautiful day in November

It is so nice out... the UPS guy got the jump on me today. Yesterday we both wore shorts, but today I'm in my jeans. But it is nice enough to have worn them yet another day. Went to see QB last night to check on the knee surgery and he was wigglin' around in his bed and still under the impression that he'd be foxtrottin' out of Hamot sometime Wed or Thurs and droppin' into work awhile. I'm a mom under the impression that if you are resting comfortably, and if someone else is taking care of the hospital chores, and if your insurance will cover it another day.....STAY!!
Albert had taken his pretzel treat to school and found out that Dylan would eat the ones with pink chocolate on them, just not brown milk chocolate... I was trying to change my leftover Breast Cancer Pink melting chocolate to Fall Orange when I overcooked it or whatever I did and that just didn't work out on the pretzels...way too chunky. I didn't really intend to send a poor fifth grade boy with pink pretzels!! How embarrassing!!!He skipped Scouts last night to go visit Grandpa and eat out at the Longhorn, which was his choice. Then home for some presents.
This morning I had to hem the pants before he could wear them, but that is a good replacement for the flood pants in the drawer!!
Gotta go see Cindy Lou Who for his haircut today after school, then... I'm not sure, but I bet someone will come up with something we should be doing!!

Later, I'm sure....

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dar-momof5 said...

I know- the weather is extraordinarily beautiful! The kids have been out there every second they are not in school, eating, or sleeping! I let them b/c soon it will not be like this... plus right now it is a little mud here and there whereas soon it will be snow, wet spots, and mud! Lovin' it!