Monday, November 3, 2008

Birthday Treat

Here is Bert dipping and sprinkling pretzels. First we melt the chocolate...actually, first we COOK the chocolate and have to ditch that batch!! Almost every time, when it has been a while since we chocolate covered our pretzels, we will get the first batch too hot and it will cook instead of melt... don't know what to do with it then??
So, with Bert's birthday tomorrow, we were covering our pretzels, then putting some sprinkles on that wet chocolate, then Albert declares that Dylan does not like chocolate, so we packed some of the broken parts in along the edges just for Dylan.
Ah, to be 11 again.... nope, don't want to go back and start over from there. I miss the days when Alex was either Indiana Jones or hunting Dinosaurs...when Andrea was reading Junie B Jones and playing with her American girl dolls ...when Dan was littler than me!! and Albert would still sing his little Russian songs...
It has been 7 1/2 years that Bert has been in America and we wonder if that Russian is locked in there, waiting to rush out. I remember being nervous in Russia, because we were so terrible at the language and Albert would walk up and talk to anyone and everyone...questions, questions and walk along singing little songs he made up along the way and his ever famous..."Stollee, Pistollee"... or something that sounded like that. If you understand Russian and I just swore at you, I'm sorry!!

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