Sunday, November 9, 2008

Time to get the solar deck lights packed away for winter... along with the bug candles. Today after church was just a flannel veg day and I loved it!! My internet was up through the afternoon, so I was admiring the pictures of one of my SundaySchool friends... she is on Betty Jo does nice work and I had never seen it before. I have been missing out!! Now it seems the connection is coming and going. This saves automatically and I get a message every other time.... what fun!! But I have enjoyed lounging in flannel and thinking about all the things I should be doing for the good of the cause.... Thinking I should be sewing, so I have dragged out pretty much all of the flannel chunks in various sizes to see what kinds of couch cozies could come of them... I see some promise here. I have decided not to take out scrapbook stuff at the same time, because you KNOW how I am about starting stuff...
more later

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