Monday, November 10, 2008

Fall to we go!!

This is the burning bush on Saturday and this is the burning bush this morning...enough to make you want to stay inside and put another log on the fire!! But Mary showed up and Ernie and I walked with her and I forgot when I came back to fill the bird feeders... I don't usually do it when there isn't snow, but I guess it's time now. It is slippery driving and I have the Cutlass!! I am waiting for the word from Cordia's, but I guess this afternoon, I'll call and see what is up. They are replacing the molding that was always loose and finally crimped and making the engine light go out...which is a little more involved. But it would be nice to leave this car in the garage until Betty's garage is empty. Actually, if I am not driving in snow, it doesn't bother me, and I think it is supposed to warm up tomorrow or Wed, so I guess I can deal with it...just like my comfortable rut of having my regular car for regular stuff.. Been reading Sara's blog about traveling around in an RV and that's all the stuff they have and wondering how that would be...not wondering enough to try it, but wondering still..

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