Monday, November 10, 2008

blog pics

You know, I used to go to some scrapbook get together with some women I didn't know and they talked about how they saw the cutest layouts in magazines and then went and took pictures of their kids that would fit these layouts and I thought, 'how strange. Don't they have enough pictures already?? I have at least 10,000 I could lend them...' and I do, because that is what my Kodak Easyshare tells me... and now I find myself taking pictures just to strange. This is a picture of orange striped flannel pants that are way long enough and my felted slippers that I made. I made a pair for hubby and he likes them,too. Andy only has one knit and no sense in felting until you have a pair, but it has only been 16 months since the class and the first one were done... Perhaps I should put that on her Christmas vacation list. She did a nice job, she is just overbooked right now. Anyway, a picture of leasure...

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