Saturday, November 15, 2008

Rain Walkin'

If the vitamins are on the windowsill next to the sheep, and the child reaches for the vitamins, chances are the sheep will be bumped. And if the sheep is bumped, it will lose its balance. And if the sheep loses its balance, chances are it will fall into the kitchen sink. And if it falls into the kitchen sink, chances are it will too much for the sheep's leg. And chances are the leg will be broken and the sheep will become a tripod and I'm just not sure with his fluffy shape, if tripod is going to work... so we'd better try the glue to restore PEACE in our household.
But on a happier note, after feeling just plain lazy lately, I forced myself outside in the dreary, drippy weather and headed around the lake. I haven't been around for a long time... only once or twice since Elaine and I did the 3 day. I made it in good time and things look different now that the leaves are off and the lake level is down. It was raining as I walked Shadyside, then stoppped as I walked Sunnyside and the end, then started back up when I got on Shadyside again, then when I was in the bedroom taking off my wet-bottom pants and my socks, I heard a noise and it had started to downpour. God knew I needed that walk and held the rain for me... now I will get the stuff in the oven, head to the real shower and get ready to go watch the play.

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