Monday, November 17, 2008

Deep Snow Walking

Here's my #1 walking partner, returning from our morning stroll with Mary.. . what a lot of snow, but a beautiful look...until I have to drive in it!! I don't want to be the next in line for Colin after this guy...

Yep - that's the hill by my house. And that guy knows NOW that his 4wheel drive will NOT go everywhere in the winter. That is one of the reasons I never walk up or down the hill on that side of the road... I really don't care what is the correct side to walk on, I want a place to jump to, if I have to. It was a soggy Saturday, that turned to a sloppy Sunday and we had a pretty good amount of snow by bedtime. The kids always hope for a snowday on days like this...Andrea was the first out for her 6:15 bball practice...yep, she was late. Her snowbrush just wasn't real effective on the pile that covered the truck she was driving. But she got there..

And nothing says "I LOVE YOU" like a clean driveway...thanks, honey!!

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