Thursday, November 13, 2008


Well, I'd like to post this lunchtime, but I'm doing neat and tidy 'cuz I'm off for a root canal through a crown that's less than a year old... anyone want to trade??? see you later!!'s later and I'm back and still blissfully numbbbb...which means I am thirsty and I drool when I drink and in a couple of hours, when I can drink again, I'm really gonna need a drink!! I started at the dentist a while back with a complaint about one of the caps $$$$ they put on last Dec. I have never been able to chew on it, was back in Feb, June and then it really started bothering me a while ago, so I went again to the dentist, and then he looked at it $$ and sent me to the root canal guy for a consult $$ where it was determined that, yes, indeed, I needed a root canal through that expensive crown... then after todays root canal $$$, I was provided with a temporary filling and instructions to go back to my dentist for the permanent ...does that get more $$ or do you think it is covered as part of one of the prior $$ appointments?? There was a short period of time when I did not hate going to the dentist... and I went quite regularly. But why do they look at me funny when I say I do not have dental insurance?? I had a daughter with oral surgery and braces in the last year, too. Nope the employer does not offer dental.. I feel so lowly, but actually, I think if I WAS on welfare, I might have some dental benefits, so ..... things that make you go hmmmm.....

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I've never had a root canal but assisted during several on mission trips (I'm a part time medical missionary).

Hang in there!


Karen Sue said...

unfortunately, it's not my first one. the last time I saw this guy it was for a redo of a root canal by someone else and I asked what the odds of success for that one. less than 50%..I had that tooth pulled. this one already had the cap on top...not so good..but so far, so good. Where do you mission to??