Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Trying to catch the chickadee, junko and nuthatch on the feeder, but couldn't quite do it. Albert bought this at Michaels and painted it this fall at Grandma Mona's house, so we'd have a new feeder. The big one is having trouble these days, so we have 3 smaller ones out. I don't feed the birds until it is snowy, so they are happy to get to the banquet!! It was snowing a little bit ago, those big, floaty flakes, that make you want to stick your tongue out and catch a few...
now, hours later, it is very clear, and probably quite cold, but my home indoor/outdoor termo was on the blink, so I took mine home from here. Now they both work and I need to remember to bring one back, so that I know how cold I will be when I go home!! Going to Erie tonight to find some OH, SO AWESOME basketball shoes for Dan... Andrea got her's but she left them in the truck last night and when I asked her how they were, she said they were not the ones they wanted. Free shoes, guess you can't sneeze at that...Thanks, Jehu!! She will deny that she has been a bit cranky with her lack of sleep and too much running, but don't stick your fingers inside her cage!! Dan spent a lot of last weekend sleeping on the couch. I guess I should have, too. Darlene, you and me, too!! Nolan and Andrea can skip naps together!!

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