Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Making Progress -

I seem to be making progress in my space... I can now walk from the door, all the way to the other side without stepping OVER things. I am far from perfection, but am closing the gap to pass-ablity!! I had turned the little table which contains the computer tower. I am afraid to place it on the floor again and chance losing the internet connection which is my lifeline to the outside world, to emailing and to blogging...
I need to move the dresser into the room...but the top, of course is stacked with numerous 'wonderful stuff', so I may need to clear it before I move it to prevent it from clearing itself mid-move! Then I am thinking table out, chair in. Then we can make moves to arrange the kids room - formerly the TOYROOM - and juggle the stuff in there. I think it will all work out, even though we have too much stuff. We have inherited several old cane seated chairs that are sprinkled here and there throughout the house, but since all but Albert are 'large boned', they are not terribly practical seating for our family. But it would not do to put these chairs out. ... I'm thinking up- way up... would they cook so much more in the attic than they do right in my house with no heiney's to dust them on a regular basis?!?

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