Monday, October 27, 2008

Final JV football game 2008

This is what JV football looked like last night... They were doing quite well, but then as darkness fell, so fell the victory into the hands of the other team. We lost with less than a minute to go, when they scored the extra points to make it 34-33. Our last chance was a sort of Hail Mary thing that Mary must not have been able to see because it was too DARN DARK!! It was cold, and wet, and dark. I will blame the bad pictures on the lighting, temperature, and rain. We were lucky with the weather most other games this season. I remember Alex's first year of JV, every JV game involved me getting my rain/snow gear on. But the uniform is in the laundry room for one more wash...Dan didn't unload the bag until this morning and then left it for me on the floor of the living room, beside the bag, as a surprise .. no points for that one, Dan. My mom gets a kick out of the fact that like Alex, Daniel can usually be found between plays and at timeouts with his hands on his hips. The apples fell close to my tree!! It makes them quick to spot, especially early in the season when the numbers aren't ingrained yet!! We appear to have made it through this season with no real injuries in our house... done with volleyball and football and on to basketball. Practice for that starts Nov. 3... this is the break. Not much of a breather... Dan says he will miss football, but not practices. I hear you, Dan.
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