Friday, October 31, 2008


Being a Christian, and being caught a little between what is acceptable behavior on Halloween, I have always allowed my kids to go to selected friends and relatives for a sugar fix, to take part in the school activities, and to dress up, discouraging anything too gruesome or offensive. At our church Preschool, I followed suite of the very wise lady who was there before me and it was a Make Believe Day. Dress up or not....whatever they wanted to do. Not really talking about ghosts and monsters, except to put them in with real or make believe. We had table discussion with Albert this past week on some words like unacceptable, inappropriate, a few others along that line. One of us had used a word in a statement that he didn't understand. He is usually pretty eager to soak up new words and meanings - the longer the word, the better. He is difficult on those days when he just wants to ask questions as a quiz for me. When I give the answer, he corrects or argues, and he can do that without me. In my years of mellowing, it's not worth it. If you don't like my answer, go look it up or ask someone else, but at the end of the day, I'm not interested in being questioned and corrected. There goes my mother-of-the-year award.... again. If I happen to dress up, I'll take a picture and post it here. I do have a great Scooby Doo suit I made for Bible School one year and it is fake fur, so it will feel better tonight than it did in July!! I'm waiting to see Darlene's costume pictures with her new camera. Dan is trick or treating with some friends for awhile, then to a youth party til 10. Bert needs to do the friend/relative loop, and Andrea is getting one of us to drive her to a haunted house with some of her friends... I thought that would be a great place to read my book while I waited, but I think Scott is planning on doing that loop, so I will be the one doing candy inspection and tasting with Bert.
Tomorrow is November already... I don't thing I'm ever really ready for October to end. Andrea is headed to Corry tomorrow morning early for her SAT...everyone seems to think that jrs shouldn't take it until spring. She's had the math for it, may as well give it a spin. If she doesn't like the score, she can always retake and better a section. No one has to know her score but her. None of her friends are taking it now. She doesn't know where to go, so I will drive her down and then come back to pick her up at noon. She will have plenty of time to get to the football playoff game. We are almost at the dozen a day activity limit for Saturday!! AARRGHH!! Snow day, snow day!!

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