Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday, Sunday

Since I really didn' t have anything to do after church and lunch today... I decided to celebrate the day of rest and read a book... well, nothing to do except drop DD off at work at 2pm and pick her up at dark when she was done, and drop DS off at a youth party at 4 and pick up at 7, which was really 7:30...and stop in to my brothers to fill out a couple of papers for him... and while I was leaving there, we drove around by the alpaca farm and stopped to observe!!! I can't wait to stop in someday and hopefully get to check them little fuzzies out up close!! I really want to squeeze one!!
So with my little windows of time and the hubby golfing anyway, I grabbed a sweatshirt blanket and went out to the deck with my book. I went back in for a hankie, when the kleenex just didn't do the job. It was a good book and I managed to finish it before 6:30, so I whipped up a batch of Linda-TeWinkle-cookies. They are always good.. just nice sugar cookies from our former babysitter. Frosting after we all got back home and now we are munching happily!!

I say there is still prayer in schools - you just gotta look!!

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