Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Elliana Loren

I know I've been slacking

I know I claim I'm busy

I know you miss me incredibly

but I have to show you...

We got one of THESE~
It's not just a baby, it's a GRANDBABY !  And she is so sweet and I can't wait to see her again, and again..  She was born September 1st and we think we got a good deal.

Now we have to learn a new job - Grandma and Grandpa.  There must be a book on that...I should at least google, or start a new pinterest board.  I need to do a good job.  And now I am totally distracted.  So off I go.  I've been camping (in a camper) but I still have a week's worth of dirty laundry...  I have some sewing projects that I should work on, and just a little straightening in that room to find my way.  I think I even saw some buttons to sew on, and I can do that if I find some chocolate.  It's kind of a trade off.  I need to start a new book, cuz I finished my other one.  And it's breezy and I just think snuggling under a blanket  would be a good pastime.  I am working on that list of autumn/before snowfall type of jobs...and it keeps growing.  I have a place where the rainwater ALWAYS goes over the gutters and rushing, washing dirt down the hill under the deck and I need to find a solution to that, because I'm getting tired of all the dirt on my deck under my clothesline.  I need to build a dam at the top... hmmm...off I go...doubley distracted...



Susan Anderson said...

Best job ever! And I know you will enjoy it like no other.

I posted today for the first time in over a month because I am too infatuated with my grandkids to spend the time any more. it's a good way to go, though!

Byrdbyron said...

She is beautiful, Karen. Congratulations! Oh the fun you will have!