Sunday, July 23, 2017

Mac & Cheese & Corn Hole & God

Last night, we had our parking lot event at church.  This marks the 3rd year that we have done such a thing.  It is an attempt to reach outside our walls, outside our doors, and into the community to fellowship and just have strings attached. 
  The first year, we had a Mac and Cheese cookout, along with having our praise band set up in the parking lot.  It was a great event and we shared a lot of food with our neighbors.  The second year, it was a bit later.  We put 3 firepits in the parking lot and circled up around them.  We had our pastor playing guitar and a couple of folks telling their favorite parables.  Hot dogs and smores roasted in the fires and just a general, casual, good time of fellowship. 
   This year, our younger team members wanted to bring back Mac & Cheese, add the hot dogs, and especially for the new twist, do a corn hole tournament.  The 2 young girls handled all the corn hole details, ran a great event, and had a good time.  We sure appreciate Lauren and Kate and their spirit.

 But, after we prayed and started tasting mac & cheese and doctoring up our hot dogs, the throwing started.  A lot of the practiced throwers teamed up with younger ones to make it a fun event.  No entrance fee, no charge for food, no problem.  But before we were very far into the first round, the clouds came...
So, we waited it out, and we ate some hot dogs and we ate some mac & cheese and some chips and cookies, then we dumped the water out of the boards, and loaded them up and headed to the school gym to restart the games and continue on this fun time.
We had winners and we had losers, but everyone had a good time and it is something we will probably try another time.  Just between friends....

 So thanks Kate, and Lauren, for all your hard work, for the idea, for encouraging people to enter, for walking around the neighborhood with me to hand out invites... You two are a big help on our team..

Until next time....Good Night.

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