Monday, July 10, 2017

Books - Talking As Fast As I Can by Lauren Graham

So, I was thinking perhaps at least if I post when I finish a book, I'd post a little more frequently...


Just finished this book after being handed it at a graduation party.  You see, Jocie knows that I like the Gilmore Girls and also Parenthood and a common link is Lauren Graham.  She is fast talking and edgy and maybe a little like what we imagined single motherhood could be if it was cool and fun.  It is often NOT so fun and cool.  But this is a bit of her story as an actress and especially hits on some of the highpoints of the Gilmore Girls years and also the new Year In The Life set of 4 shows on Netflix.

I was a fan of Gilmore Girls for years, but a few years back picked up season 1, then season 2 on DVD.  And I would catch it in several seasons on different places on the TV.  Used to fold the clothes from 11am til noon, so I could watch an hour there.  Then one year my hubby found a little suitcase with all 7 seasons on it.  And I was so happy.  And it sat there.  And I didn't watch it.  And then I went for a veggacation...hey.  Perhaps I just made a new word.  It's when you take time off to just veg.  No tours and dates and chasing around.  So, we were doing a veggacation in the mountains of Virginia and we started at the beginning and watched on Netflix a marathon of Gilmores... then did it again another time.  No one but us and we could do it and sew or knit or pinterest and it was relaxing.  And then we heard about the upcoming YEAR event, so we kicked it up a notch and started binge watching at home on our own.  She finished way before me.  But I got to sewing and watching it on my computer in my sewing spot and finished the series, then watch the 4 episodes - Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall.  And I am ready to go back and do it again.  But I'm more ready to go to Stars Hollow for a while and do my vegging there.  Maybe grab a bite at Luke's - sorry no coffee for me.  Give a wave to Miss Patty and Babette.  And it made me think about where I live and what a story here would look like.  Who would be the stars?  Who would be Kirk?  or Sookie?  Who would these people be in a story I'm living today?  And do I appreciate them enough every day?

So - I finished the book, and I enjoyed it.  Now I need a meet-up with Jocie to get this back to her.  I have a sewing project I'm considering, but it involves some thinking and better done in my own space, not hauled around.  And this is bible school week here, which means CrAzY!  But I've printed something out.. and I'm thinking about it.  Maybe you'll want to grab this book and learn more about the life around Lorlei Gilmore.

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