Thursday, June 29, 2017

Makin' Stuff

First I had a graduation party for the daughter of a former babysitter.  Hard to believe that she has a grad, but she was valedictorian, so it must be true... They are pretty into Harry, so I found this very cool alphabet to use for her name.  And her thing is volleyball - she's going to play in her new college.  So included is a volleyball and her uni.  Went onto a pillow and gift #1 was done...
  That's what I've been doing.  It's kind of my thing to make grad gifts for special friends.  This year, it was a pillow year.  So the daughter of friends got this one.  She likes brown and turquoise. I think this one hit it on the mark.  She has also helped us this busy season with some spreadsheet stuff.  She is on her way to California now, for FLBA nationals with her skills.  Wishing you well, Becca!

Lauren - this one is for another grad from our church...  She is pretty special too, and her dad and my hubby throw corn hole, or horseshoes, or play cards most Monday nights.  They used to be on a bowling team, but they decided that they would rather be outside as much as possible instead of inside the bowling alley.  So they have their Shoes Crew.  If you can make it, fine.  If you can't, you don't have to worry about a sub.  They very rarely miss this guy time, and I'm glad for it.
and this is for another grad, who is related to my kids.  And I wasn't sure what to put on it.  So I put 3 hearts... one for her love of for her love of friends...and the other for her love of God.  The back is the same fabric as the name and year.  And I was happy with the way it turned out.  Some years these gifts are pretty focused on the sports they played.  But as I started, I found a lack of pieces that were all the right colors, so I backed up and punted and I think it turned out OK.

and then my friend at the chiropractor's office posted this sign on her facebook page with a LOVE.  I commented that I thought that was a doable thing.  So I did a little cutting, screwed some parts together, stained, painted, printed and fit the text, found carbon paper at STAPLES, traced it off and then painted the words.  I really like how it turned out.  And she has seen a picture and is excited to get I am holding it hostage.  I just really haven't been back since it was finished. It feels so good to have something FINISHED.  I'm very much a starter, but not so much a finisher.  So this post makes me smile for all the Finished Projects.

and now - how is YOUR project list looking?  Share it now... I'll encourage you all I can.  Now get at it !

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