Thursday, September 22, 2016

Thirsty Thursday

I am...but I think I'll wait.  I was thinking about a cherry coke, but it's later than I want to try that since I haven't been drinking much caffeine.  Who KNOWS what might happen?  Lots of good stuff happened today.  A whole bunch of puttering and 2 boxes of books left my house to bless someone else.  And my house is sparkling and so far my dog didn't eat anything.  (she's been on a roll.  I find lots of little pieces on the LR floor, and then I have to guess what it used to be...not fun)... and I'm still purging file cabinet in the office, but I've cleared out what I purged before, so there's room again.  I've had my port error, so my SIM card did NOT come fed ex, so I did NOT get to turn my house phone number into a cell phone number yet...I have to admit, I'm still a little nervous about this.  You know, I'm getting old and this is CHANGE...and well, we've always done it the other way... heeheehee... if you are in any group, that is the phrase that raises many a hackle.  I made a trip to Joann fabrics tonight to prepare me for tomorrow afternoons Bridesmaid dress adjustment, then halfway there, remembered that I'm headed to the chiropractor tomorrow morning and could have done it then... oh, well.  Brewing up some tea - green for drinking and black for kombucha.  Gonna try to get back into the groove of the kombucha drinking.  Had some chicken wing pizza from my favorite CWP place, Neckers Company..talked to some people on the phone... got cut off on both conversations.  Guess it was a sign.  Going to jammie up.  It's FALL and I'm OK with that.  The weather is beautiful and I'm camping this weekend and I'm even hoping for some rain on saturday or sunday, so I can just curl up with a book.  But no one else is going, so I can do that anyway.  And I tried to buy a flyswatter today at Neckers Company because I was INVADED by flies on my last camping weekend and they gave me one that said NECKERS COMPANY!  I was so happy.  Some days it doesn't take much.  Hope your day was peachy keen, SUE HENRY and I can't wait to spend next weekend talking your ears off and eating too many snacks together.
Here's a quilt I made this summer for a benefit...Someone was happy to win it...See you tomorrow

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