Tuesday, September 20, 2016

It is Tuesday

I said I was going to make an effort to post more posts...
Yesterday's post already got 3 messages to me.  Maybe my audience is coming back!  I'd better write something else.
A BIG excuse for not posting...camera and computer switching.  I was having problems with my downstairs desktop.  It doesn't get a good signal.  It is slow.  It sometimes won't even start up.  I used to spend a half hour or so down there every morning.  Lately, I've needed to get up and out.... like for the last year or more.  I'm not sleeping as well, so I'm not real perky getting up.  Thus, leaving the rushing around morning.  Isn't funny how so many things all interlock to mess up a good thing?  And I got a new camera, that doesn't use the Kodak easyshare docking station.  And the Kodak downloading was being a problem and isn't it funny how I used to be fine just writing or maybe inserting a picture, and now I've come to feel like I need several beautiful photos on every post...even sometimes to the point of not writing much at all, just relying on the pictures to fill you in on the details.

So let's see...I've spent a billion minutes today on the phone to TimeWarnerCable.  All of our children have flown the coop...the nest is empty, for the most part.  So the need for space for video game tournaments, and chick flick marathons, and lumpy slumber parties of all kinds has kind of dwindled.  Do you KNOW how hard it is to reduce your services??  I have a rash from all the stressing over the chat on my laptop about knocking down what we have in this house.  The second HD set box for the room that rarely sees much action these days, was the easiest thing to get the OK to let go.  I said the TV was leaving, so the BOX should, too.  The second easy thing became confusing at the end.  At the time that we out in internet, you were required to lease the modem from them.  Even later, you were required to use their modem and pay the lease.  Now that is NOT the case and instead of leasing a modem for $10 a month, you can buy one for $70-80 that is superior.  But in the end, it appeared that the cost of the lease would be included in my package...so I supposed that means I can't get $10 off the bill.  And if they are going to charge me for it anyway, maybe the $80 should just stay in pocket.  And then in the course of reducing the service, they are offering me the same channels I have on my regular lineup, FREE DVR ( don't have that), FASTER INTERNET, A PHONE LINE WITH UNLIMITED CALLING & FREE VOICEMAIL, EXTRA MOVIE CHANNELS, and FREE INSTALLATION.  For less money than I am paying for having less right now.  Hmmm... no brainer, right?  Maybe not.
 Money was not the only motivator in this move.  We have phone service from our local phone company ...you remember them....we still have a telephone hanging on the wall in the kitchen...collector's item.  We have 2 phone lines into our place.  We have cell phones.  We have cable and internet, the internet being very much a necessity with our jobs. Plus we have phone and internet in our office in Erie.  It seemed as though some of this was doubling up and we were looking to simplify.  Why do we need 200+ tv channels when we don't really watch that much and we have DVD's and we can pay per view a movie and Netflix is a possibility, too.  Why do we have extra stuff on our bill, that has been there for years, and we just never paid attention?  Why can't I drop to 70+ channels, the same internet, no extra channels, 1 less HD setbox, return the modem and have a smaller bill??  Why do they quote me more than what I want?  Should I be sucked into the deal?  Offering me more than I want?  To save money?  I told them I'd call them back.... too much to think about in one day...
Good Night Sue Henry!

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Susan Anderson said...

I get so tired of fighting the phone, tv, internet battle. The give me a low price and then switch it up after a year. Then when I try to quit, they lower it again...and so on and so forth.

Never quite sure what to do or which company to go with!