Monday, September 26, 2016

I'm back !1

Yes, I wasn't just skipping posting these last couple of days, I was skipping town.  After a gold tournament on Friday for Scott and some last minute dress alterations on a bridesmaids dress for my daughter, we headed out with the dogs and camper on Saturday to Meadville KOA.
We haven't been there this summer or last summer, so it was an easy choice- easy ride.  Kallie the dog used to be a carsick dog, and although we don't feed her before we ride, or in the car, she seems to be adjusting to it.  We are trying to stretch out the rides and see how it goes.  So far, we are OK. 
We have not figured out the cable TV hookup.  Hub says we had it once or twice, but we don't really watch it much, and I never mess with it.  We do watch movies, and that's what we did the last two nights when we came in.  Saturday night we had I think our first campground campfire this summer.  There was one going a kingdom bound away from us, but so much of the summer was hot and I think that contributed to not sitting around a fire.  There were nights of playing cards in front of a fan outside.  And throwing cornhole with Christmas lights lighting the way from one board to another.

I'm on the cell with AT&T trying to finalize the changing of my home land line to a cell that i had from before.  I have conflicting answers on when this switch is complete.  OK...according to Antonio, who is the 3rd person I talked to today, I will be live on Wednesday morning, right after midnight.  Now to get back to TWC,  I'm not very good at this stuff.  Please press 2 now... press 1...


Sue Henry said...

It's so good to have you back on your blog. I hadn't checked the blog, since being the headline, until tonight. So now I'm behind in my reading and commenting. Will be great to spend time with you this weekend. You make me smile! And laugh!

Susan Anderson said...

Sounds like a restful escape. Fun!