Sunday, February 21, 2016

February winding down.

I once had a wise veterinarian tell me that life is like a roll of toilet paper - the closer you get to the end, the faster it goes.  He never led me astray on other things ,so I'm trusting Dr.D on this one.  Seems the days and months are passing me by.  Sometimes it's sad that I don't enjoy more as it speeds away.  So I picked for my word this year (which is what EVERYONE is doing instead of resolutions) JOURNEY.  Because it's time I slowed down and enjoyed the trip and not just focused on the destination.  How many trips do you go on, that you jump in the car, go as fast as you dare, stop as little as possible, no matter HOW much leg-crossing is involved, so you can GET THERE.  Don't always remember how you got there, just know that you are now ready to enjoy yourself. 
Perhaps this is one of those over-50 revolutionary thoughts.  Heck with the rest of it, it's time to enjoy the ride.  So i stitched myself a little quilt for 2016.

Right now, it's just got a couple of pins through the tabs, but the instructions I gave to others, was to find a special stick and slide through to hold it.  And they have so far... and finally mine is done.

And so the days roll by, and the snow falls in huge dumps, then melts away....a bit different from last winter, where it came, it froze and stayed cold, and the same snow just hung around a long, long time.
Bedtime for me.  Tax season and lots of other things clammering for attention.  Need to do some more questions for our 52 weeks with Jesus project, but it's not happening tonight... see you in the morning!


Susan Anderson said...

Brrr. That last photo looks cold as can be!

I find that my life is whizzing by at this point, too. It's kind of disconcerting!


Be Still and KNOW... said...

I love my "Breathe" word quilt. Perhaps you can find a lovely perfect stick in April. Don't know how to add an image?

Karen Sue said...

perhaps a copy and paste?? or maybe that isn't possible here