Friday, January 15, 2016

Here we are, deep in January 2016, and as of yet, no post from me....  What has happened?  Too many directions I'm pulled.  A new camera, using my phone for pictures to post on Facebook... liking my old camera a little better, but it's not an option... liking my old phone a little better, but that's not an option... computer issues and questions....not necessarily problems, just questions. 

So.... I really didn't craft much for Christmas this year.  That took the pressure off.  I took some wonderful pottery classes this fall and so members of my household were forced to pick some pieces as part of their gift.  It worked out OK.  When I was at the wheel, I was counting up mugs, knowing I needed enough to go around my family once...  I threw a couple of extra, just in case there was a fail in the kiln...and an extra special one for my friend, Judy.  And all took at least a mug from their mama...but there were plates and bowls that left, also.  Microwave and dishwasher safe.  Can't beat that for busy life.

I made some very un-lovely, functional neck warmers for all the guys, too.  Just a double tube of black fleece, but I've found them sometimes better than the scarf, since they don't unwind on you.  Don't get me wrong.  This morning I was glad for my handknit scarf, that I could unwind when I got a little warm, halfway though walking the dog.  But when you are working or skiing or walking the dog, sometimes you don't have an extra hand to wrap back up what the blowing wind has flipped.  Black fleece...washable....dirt-proof...very functional.  The girls got blanket scarves.  All the necks were covered.  I did make those, too.  But it involved cutting them along straight lines and then unraveling 1/2 inch or so on all sides.  I made quite a few of these.  Don't know if they are a hit or not.  Gotta stalk around and see if anyone is wearing theirs.

Well, I'd best get to work or someone will pull my computer plug.
Have a great day!!


Susan Anderson said...

Good to "hear" from you! I'm not doing so great at posting lately, either, though I have done better this year and hope to continue.


Be Still and KNOW... said...

Welcome back.... Yes....I love my blanket scarf...especially in the cold we have right now....a lot of fabric that I am playing with to figure out what looks best the longest...don't want a "cute" look that I'm fussing with all day. Those girls in the videoes seem to have 10 hands😎

And your pottery is beautiful. Cherished gifts that will take their place of honor with the piece you made me in 6th grade.

Try postin g more often, just shorter...perhaps? Or do the 52 weeks of mom again!