Saturday, September 12, 2015

Senior day at Wolfpack football...

Today was Senior Day  for the football team.  It is the same school that I attended, but in my day, we had 60 kids in a class.  Not big at all, but bigger than now.  It is sort of a funny thing, but we are the corner of the state and the county.  Our closest schools, pretty equal distance apart, were always the ones we wanted to beat the most.  Our high school rivals.  As our numbers have decreased, it has been harder for us to fill team rosters in sports that take many people.  We have been slowly joining forces, sport by sport.  A few years ago we joined JV football with Sherman, the next year, it was the Varsity team.  The JV from Panama join Sherman-Clymer last year, too.  This is the first year the Varsity Team has been a three school effort.  We are CSP Wolfpack.  When we have enough kids to have our own teams (basketball, volleyball, etc) we are the Pirates of Clymer, the Sherman Wildcats and the Panama Panthers, the same as we've been since the 1930's or so.... but when we play football, run track and cross country, play golf...we are the Wolfpack.  It's working out OK in our house.  Some others are not so keen on it.  But it's our last football season.  We have sweatshirts that say CLYMER PIRATES FOOTBALL....and SC FOOTBALL...and now CSP FOOTBALL.  Probably all collectors' items... Our football players wear digital camo now...pretty neat.
We have the only Clymer senior, there is one Sherman senior, and 8 Panama seniors.  In a season of 7 games, we get 4 home games.  Clymer gets 2 home games, Sherman got senior day today, and Panama will get Homecoming in  couple of weeks.  It's rather weird.  We are a town that really gets behind our teams, like the other 2 towns.  To share the games, and to stand on the enemy side with the rest of your home team parents and fans is an adjustment.  But I'm getting over it.  My player is making new friends, learning how to adjust to this change, and entertaining new parents and coaches!  Probably not a bad skill to practice your senior year, getting ready to go out into the world.

Senior Mom, Tiffany Goldberg, gave the senior moms all digital camo hankies.  I thought, heck, I'm an old hand at problem.  As you can see, I made good use of mine.
Here they go!  And after a loss at Clymer the first week, it was good to record a W on this weeks game!!

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Be Still and KNOW... said...

Yea Bert....I think there will be a lot of tears over the next 12 months... Good thing you have that hankie!