Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A historic Day

Today was a historic day.  After many, many. many years, I took a picture of my last first day of school.  I'll still have college first days, but I won't be there.  My first first day of school for my family was 1994. and now, 22 years later, I'm closing the door on this part of life...
 The picture at the front door - a classic pose.  I take a big shot and a closer up one.
 Senior year- this little boy that came to us from Russia at 3 1/2 years old and finishing up his high school years.  He said yes he DID brush his teeth, always  one of the things to check before picture time.  No picture of the school bus, cuz this boy has been working and bought his own car last year and he needs to get home after football practice..
So he puts stuff into his car and drives away... ready to start the beginning of the end.  And although you say it, I don't think they ever fully realize how different life will be; how they should truly embrace this year and the time you spend just being with people you may never be with again.  After my 35th class reunion this year, we vowed to get together more often.  These people that we used to spend hours with, every day.  There's a bit of a feeling, as we age, to touch back to where we came from and who we have missed over the years.  How about you??  Are you having Back-to-school experiences or memories this fall??


Susan Anderson said...

It's always a bittersweet time, that senior year, but so much fun as well.

He sounds like he's a good kid.


Karen Sue said...

It's kind of sad, but yet, it's a bit freeing. To think that since 1989 my first title has been MOM and now, I'm sort of off the hook, intensity-wise, or every day where's my --- (looking for lost things as they run out the door). Time to re-invent myself!

Be Still and KNOW... said...

I've read these backwards but so happy to have you back....handsome Bert