Sunday, June 14, 2015

The continuing Saga of the workroom/ aka the STUDIO

I know it's been a long while since I promised to post the after pictures of the room.  Perhaps you haven't seen them because it really isn't done yet.  But projects needed worked on, so this morning I took a few updated pictures.  So you can see that I'm not just making this up.
 This is my shelf wall.  I'd like to show you 16 feet of countertop/workspace, but most of it is covered in projects and supplies.  That is NOT what the initial plan was, but hey, life happened.  I have grouped things in a way that just might make sense.  And things that were put way away, are more visible.  Hoping this leads to using things I have and finding things I have and working with things I have to add to with stuff I buy and keep it from looking so bad and cluttered and crazy as before.
 This is life from the other end.  The dresser is waiting for two things.  The daughter moving to Cleveland will be also moving most of the stuff in her bedroom.  So, this dresser from my childhood is going into that room to greet the guests that stay there.  I won't show you her room because it's too scary.  After all, don't most people who wish to paint and stain and poly a 6 drawer dresser, empty the drawers onto their floor and then just dig around in the pile??  Naw....I didn't think's that kind of we'll just stay out of there.

But part of this shot is to show the large amount of floor space that I didn't have before.  Space to throw quilt blocks out and arrange and leave them for a bit and not be in anyone's way but mine.  So you can throw a pile of Tshirts there to figure out how to cut them for the best Tshirt quilt ever.  To even give the daughter's Tshirt quilt a run for the prize.  Hers just needs a bit more work, but it's close.  Better remind her to put the last row together and get it done.  It won't be 87 degrees forever, you know...
 Using the crated fabric idea to keep neat stacks of fabric grouped together.  Also tried to put most of the UFO's together.  My friend, Kevin, and I were talking about UFO's today at a quilt show.  He's really a good car guy, but when your wife is a quilter, you learn things.  He said he's too much of a perfectionist to be a quilter and then he showed me some things that would bother him.  Yeah, it would make him crazy.

 And this??  This is my next deadline.  It's a graduation quilt for my nephew, who is also an Eagle Scout.  It's years of event patches.  They need appliqued to the tan fabric, part of which is an official Boy Scout Shirt.  Gotta make some progress on this tomorrow night.  Don't you like the pocket blocks??

And here are the shelves for my rolling cutting table.  Waiting for my top to be glued together and brought back home from shop.  School is soon over, so the top must come home.  I'll finish it here.  So keep watching here and hopefully, there will be more progress to show.
Thinking my bed is sounding pretty good right now....

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