Sunday, October 26, 2014


Today was a church day....a late to church day.  Not what I like, but what happens more often than not.  It was a grab some lunch day.  It was really a pretty nice fall day.  But it was a driving day.  I'm at the end of this place...this student driver, trying to pass the test place.  For the last time, I have a kid who needs to move from permit to license.  We have already tried two times.  Hoping that the third time is a charm.  We have a rough time at this sometimes.  He is learning to drive in a bigger town than we live in.  There are no Amish buggies, tractors with wagons, or leaping deer on this test.  But those are the places we mostly drive.  There are curbs on the three point turns and parallel parking.  There are an abundance of stop signs, traffic lights and school zones to pay attention to.  We don't always get along when we do driving.  I'm too grumpy and tired.  He's too worried he'll forget something when he is turning left at the light....or cut his right turns short again....or not check the mirrors enough....or be too cautious...
I'm finishing up the kind of week that I really don't like.  The busy days and busy nights week.  The busy weekend week...the week coming up busy-ness already weighing on my heart.  I look at the huge gaps in my posting...the little amount of time I spend being creative...the lack of sparkle in my house...and a sadness moves in.  So today, I got the paper out.  The ones I copied that have a heading of THINGS I JUST MIGHT DO TODAY.  And I made a list for tomorrow.  A list of things that will make me feel better.  A list to cross out my tasks.  A list to make ready some of the things here that are just drifting along.  And hopefully, tomorrow night, I will be tired and I will have a lot of lines on my paper.  Lines marking the many small things that contribute to the stress and the heaviness and the sag.  And I'll play some happy music and perhaps the sun will shine and I'll open the window for a I get ready for the end of October.

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