Friday, February 14, 2014

My sweetheart and I

My hubby has always been a flower guy.  I get flowers delivered at least once a year, and often times more than that.  He knows how special it makes me feel.  Yeah, they will just die, but they make me smile and appreciate all that I have in life, even on those bummer sort of days. 
Yesterday, while I was mopping up yet more afternoon footprints from the vet clinic floor, i got a delivery from my sweetheart....Happy Valentine's Day the card said....but the flowers, and the thought said so much more.  You know, sometimes life just doesn't roll along the way you planned, expected, or hoped....and then you have to admit that God knows what he's doing and his plans are a bit better than what we had laid out for the future at age 20.  Count those blessings....

 So, to express to my honey, just how much I appreciate what he has to put up with, I went out for donuts this morning, and I came back with his Valentine's surprise.  "Cookies from Art's!"  he said....oh, better check out your desk.  Cuz I know the way to this man's heart is through Lemon Meringue Pie.  So there it is.  In the box.  All for him.

 Love you !!  Enjoy your day.  Make someone feel special today...

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